The 12 Best Ways to Mount an Action Camera in 2022

Action Camera

Shooting with the right mindset and specializing in not being injured simultaneously as grabbing some air might be the most challenging, approximately using a motion digital action camera or digicam.

Indeed, there are selfie sticks, or indeed just retaining the camera. However, all too often, they get within the way more than they assist correctly. Body that selfie from a third character angle.

However, whether or no longer the content creation is inside the shot, there are various approaches to mounting the motion of a digital camera to the frame to capture a clear and compelling camera perspective.

Right, there are the 12 exquisite ways you may mount a digital motion camera on your frame in 2022.

1- The classic helmet mounts:

Even though helmet mounts were around because of the truth, Nick Woodman was selling GoPro out of the trunk of his automobile. There’s a motive. Why they may be nonetheless famous, they work or painting.

helmet mounts

And because maximum movement geeks are sporting a dome anyway. An exceptional helmet mount will hold the digital camera from getting within the way; at the same time, the person can deal with getting the high-quality run worth the effort.

The helmet mount is ordinarily available in two paperwork, a straight installed adhesive and a curved version that more carefully suits the curvature of the helmet.

The direct mount is perfect for mounting a camera to a flat floor, so go along with the curved helmet version for an extra cozy and comfortable shape.

2- The hat mount:

If you are a hat lover, there is additionally a clip-on hat mount (referred to as brief clips) to maintain the camera at the eye stage.

hat mount

However, make it less complicated to eliminate by sincerely sliding the mount off the invoice of the hat.

3- The head strap mount:

An elastic head strap mount is an alternative for one’s time, while a helmet or hat isn’t favored or essential.

head strap mount

However, the elastic can be uncomfortable where the rugged plastic digicam mount is positioned, particularly while adjusting to fast becoming.

It can also be a headache after crashing. Nevertheless, it indeed works.

4- The mask mount:

mask mount

Like the head strap, the mask mount is well known with scuba divers seeking to mount a digital camera for a primary character pov. one of the most famous is the OctoMask, in which the layout locations the mount at the top middle of the scuba mask.

5- The bite mount:

2nd best helmet mount for grabbing a genuine first character factor of view is the chunk mount.

Mounts are positioned in the mouth and chunked down to firmly anchor the camera. The bite mount has been popular with surfers and skydivers considering its inspection, and while inside the water, there is a floaty attachment that can make the digicam glide.

bite mount

After the surfer wipes out in a massive wave as it breaks. Despite the fact while wiping out probabilities, searching around for the digicam will take time to locate it. But at least the gel mount protects from chowing down on their little risk of destructive enamel.

6- The Finger Grip Mount:

A finger grip mount can be very comparable in format to pulling the trigger of a firearm. Handiest rather, the finger is keeping the digital camera.

Finger Grip Mount

With a circular grip with an assisting 1/2-round clip, the finger grip mount permits for pointing the camera everywhere, cozy in the knowledge that the camera won’t slip out of one’s hand or slip far away from where it’s pointed.

The finger grip generally has an articulation variety of about one hundred twenty-degree, too, for some high-quality perspective tuning.

The most effective disadvantage is that the finger grip only works with the Sony line of action cameras. Still, it can also come with a non-obligatory liquid crystal display screen.

7- The Magnetic Mount

Not without a doubt excellent for movement-orientated extreme applications, but if the goal is to seize a chilled day on the lake or a park setting, the magnetic mount is a first-rate desire.

It includes magnetic plates; the magnetic mount can adhere to anything from clothing to a bag or maybe a ball cap.

Magnetic Mount

The twin magnetic layout makes it comfortable, even though it’s not likely the lightweight action digicam will weigh subjects down a good deal.

If you’re a primary character, your options for mounting a motion camera on your body are limitless. Wherever movement cameras end up, there will undoubtedly be a mount for them. Learn about how to master print-ready artwork

8- Clip Mount:

The clip mount is a superb choice if you want to quickly and effortlessly attach your camera to non-metal surfaces. It may be beneficial to mount the digital camera on a backpack strap, belt loop, etc.

Clip Mount

The primary drawback of this mount is that it’s no longer very at ease, so similar to the magnetic mount, in case you hit a bump or hole, your mount would possibly come out.

9-The Wrist (or Hand) Mount:

The wrist mount is thrilling for an expansion of motives, the leader of which is its point and shoot.

Wrist (or Hand) Mount

Anywhere the hand factors, that’s where the digicam is going. Wrist mounts also have a 360-degree rotating platform, so the hand can no longer direct the digicam.

However, with a short flip, it turns into a selfie camera correctly. This makes it ideal for skydivers trying to seize that selfie from a natural role even as plummeting.

10- The Chest Mount:

Called “The Chesty,” a chest mount is a piece extra involved because the athlete has to put on an elastic harness around their torso, which will house the digital motion camera on the chest.

Chest Mount

It will work, but it’s miles a decrease perspective than the first man or woman thing of view, and the digital digital camera doesn’t exactly point perfectly ahead when skiing facet-footed. Hands or additional harnesses can also obscure the chest mount.

A parachute harness, as an example, makes the chest mount a lousy choice than, say, a backpack mount.

The chest mount additionally may be restrictive, despite the truth that a few include a pad that makes the challenging plastic part of the mount at the least a hint comfier to put on.

11- The Shoulder Mount:

A better choice than the chest mount is the shoulder mount. Comparable to the chest mount with a torso strapping harness, the digicam mount is placed on the shoulder, preserving its point anyplace the shoulder faces.

Shoulder Mount

Again, snowboarders aren’t in all likelihood going to apply this frequently, but a biker sure could. The disadvantage is that it’s simply constricting because of the chest mount.

12- The Backpack Mount:

There’s moreover a backpack mount that works similar to the shoulder mount. Best, it’s related to the strap of a backpack.

Backpack Mount

That is much like the chest mount but is a higher preference because the backpack mount is usually much less hard to remove, even without taking the harness off.

The backpack opportunity also approaches not having a tightly strapped harness across the torso to be constricting even as looking for a tail grasp.

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