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If you hassle with the stagnant growth on your Instagram account and feel overwhelmed by your competitors. One of the first things you often look out for in other people’s accounts is their like counts.

Quick Way To Get 10 Likes On Instagram, Likes still matter and are essential to make a difference on your Instagram account. When somebody looks at your Instagram account, the number of likes is still the indicator of the popularity of your brand and allows you to manage your business strategy accordingly.

If you are looking to optimize your Instagram account and find a quick way to get free Instagram likes, these tips will help you gain an instant boost in your posts and improve your content strategy with time.

No shortcuts to getting quick engagement help if you are looking for sustainable solutions for your brand and looking forward to finding the best relevant information available.

Top 12 Tips To Get Instant Likes: A Complete Guide

1. Take High-Quality Photos

Instagram is a visual platform. It is based on the phenomenon that the ‘First Impression is the Last Impression.’ Looks and presentations matter a lot on Instagram. Thus, this is the initial step to guarantee that you offer only high-quality and appealing photos on your account to hook people’s attention.

Your brand or account gets judged by a single post. A single post allows the public to interact with the information about your products and services. Instagram requires a high caliber of posts and content to ensure you get instant likes on your account.

2. Post Reels

It is no surprise that short-video formats are the future of social media. If you are a business account or an influencer who feels burdened or tired by the thought of making reels. Then, this is your sign to experiment and explore the reels section of Instagram. They are the most efficient way to get viral as the algorithm supports and pushes forward reel-centered accounts.

This will trigger the visibility of your posts. Great content gets more engagement, and reels increase the chances of getting likes effectively. Stay on top of trends and have fun shooting reels with various music overlays.

3. Create Instagram Guides Instagram launched Instagram guides in 2020 to refine resources for the public and increase the discoverability of the products and services to create easy recommendations for people. These guides allow users to get the information they were looking for and get likes for the content they enjoy. Guides are a combination of blog posts and carousels and act as a powerful resource to get more engagement from the audience. Another advantage of Instagram guides is that they also allow you to group content from other accounts. You can group your content with other influencers, public figures, and brands and gain popularity.

4. Create Engaging Stories

Create Engaging Stories With TechupNext

Instagram stories are some of the massively used Instagram features. It has been utilized by over ‘500 million users daily.

You can use the stories immensely to stay in touch with your followers and keep them engaged with interactive content such as behind-the-scenes, a day in your like-type videos.

You can share information about your brand and add hashtags and Geotags in your stories to gather the attention of numerous new potential followers. This is a magnificent way to receive more likes and create product leads.

Use trendy GIFs and stickers, and use creative ideas to be discovered by more people.

5. Learn from Instagram Analytics

Understanding the performance of your posts is as important as posting consistently. Use Instagram insights to learn about what attracts your followers. The analytics are grouped as per the date and months of your content and allow you to check specific insights.The age range, top locations, demographics, top locations, and top days and times of your followers’ insights. This data is crucial to refining your existing strategy and experimenting with the content types.

Every business account on Instagram understands the value of insights and made significant changes in follows, reach, comments, interactions, and likes.

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6. Talk About Your Brand In Your Bio

Your Instagram bio is more than an introduction for your new followers. It sends an appealing and attractive message to your followers and potential customers. It is a high pitch for people under a specific number of words. You should add SEO keywords in your bio to convey your message about your products and services. It can yield higher results for your brand.

You can elevate your strategy with unique and branded hashtags to discover more interested people and motivate more people to join the trend. This will enhance the engagement rate of your post’s manifolds.

7. Don’t Ignore The People That Complain About You (The Haters!) 

It has been seen that over 83% of companies respond to their social media accounts slowly. The average time taken by most companies is within a day. This is a remarkable fact to consider and promptly reply to negative comments. Whether the person has a positive or a negative opinion of your products or services. It is crucial to respond to them. This sets apart a brand’s worth in front of people’s eyes.

People are likelier to like the posts and follow the accounts when they feel heard and considered.

8. Add your Instagram to your Website

You can efficiently improve the value of your Instagram account by adding an Instagram widget to the website. Companies use this powerful resource to drive more followers and like toward your page.

Your website traffic can now access your Instagram and interact with you. This allows your website users to interact with your page.

You can pitch your followers and customers to post pictures with your brand hashtags. This is a great way to get free likes and genuine testimonies. Instagram highly pushes forward this type of content as UGC or User Generated Content.

9. Use a Consistent Aesthetic 

A consistent feed is one of the top ways to build an attractive business feed. You can create an aesthetic feed with the help of the same layouts, color themes, and filters on your page. This is an interactive way to maintain a visual identity in front of your followers.The aesthetic feed allows you to leave a mark in people’s minds and aim to stay on their minds subconsciously.

There are various applications, such as Later, VSCO, and Lightroom, to achieve these results. This makes your photos recognizable and gets consistent likes. People enjoy aesthetic pages and products, and you can use this strategy for your benefit.

10. Promote Your Instagram Accounts On Your Platforms

Your Instagram account is your introduction and the best way to get more attention to your page. You can link your page with other online platforms like Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your Instagram account. Another interactive place to share your Instagram account is your blog. Share your Instagram posts in your blogs and share the stories behind those posts. This elevates your consumer experiences and allows them to feel connected with your products and services. Many accounts on Instagram find these ways helpful to leverage their user traffic and gain likes. Find out Ways How to make money on Instagram

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11. Use Popular And Well-defined Hashtags

Hashtags are used by various accounts to capture the right eyes on their accounts. Using custom or location hashtags allows you to reach your target audience rapidly. Using Geotags with local locations drives more traffic from a specific location. Use popular hashtags to get your posts and content seen by a larger crowd.

This is an effective way to get more likes from people who are already interested in the type of content related to your hashtags. Using only popular hashtags may not help reach potential customers, but it is a perfect way to boost the credibility of your account.

12. Go With The Trends (Even The Social Media Holidays)

Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

Social media is governed by its trends. The more directions you can hop on, the more chances you get impressive reach and likes on your posts. One of the evident trends is being experienced in the case of social media holidays.

It shows your interest to the public, shares the type of content your followers would be highly interested in, and increases the chances of your account getting popular among your audience.

There are a large number of social media holidays. All you need to do is to post about the ones that align with your business goals. Always go out of the box to find engaging content ideas.


Instagram likes still prove to be the easiest and the best way to boost your posts in front of people to drive more followers and leads. The Instagram algorithm favors the content that the people like.

Hence, a business needs to keep upgrading its strategy to grab the attention of its followers and stay relevant among them.

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