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(Note: Questions on Excel shortcut keys are only applicable to PC users)

This Excel Test is created to assist you in figuring out how well you know basic Excel formulas and functions. Students planning to start or have already begun the FMVA certification program are strongly encouraged to take this test to determine if they need to take the prerequisite Excel Crash Course and Excel Modeling Fundamentals Course. This is also a good resource for employers who want to test a candidate’s Excel skills during a finance interview or for candidates who wish to take a practice Excel test.

If you pass this test with a score of 80% or more (10 questions or more), you likely know the basics of Excel pretty well.

Free Excel Skills Testing – Date Time and Text Functions

In this Excel Skills test, you will be asked to show what you know about Date, Time, and Text Functions.
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FOR Date Time and Text Functions

Excel Skills Test Free – Lookup Functions

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