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How to start as a freelancer? When I became a freelancer, I had no idea

When i start as a freelancer, I had no idea how to start as a freelancer. There was so much to learn. There were times where I felt like giving it all up but then I thought about the freedom that freelancing could bring me. Then I took the plunge and never looked back. Right now you’re probably thinking: “I wish I could work for myself but I’m too scared to take the leap”. Let me tell you my friend, it is possible to go from employee to freelance consultant quickly. All you need is a bit of direction and motivation.

What is freelancing how to start as a freelancer?

Freelancing is self-employed employment where you can sell your services online. This job is not like other 9-5 jobs.
You can work from home. There are numerous sites for freelancers in Pakistan. You can apply for any job, set your own deadlines, and work hours.
Before you start as a freelancer business, you need to know why you want to do it. Once you know your big-picture goals, how you use your limited time will decide your freelance success.

Set your freelance goals:

Knowing your goals for your freelance business is the first step. It’s difficult to move forward without a destination. Goals are the beginning point for your freelance business.
If you’re determined to go full-time freelance, go for it! Now is the best time to be your own boss. If that’s your objective, figure out how much you’ll need to earn to live. That includes taxes, health insurance, and even retirement. You may not reach your revenue goal in the first month, but knowing what it is can help you get there faster

start as a freelancer
Freelance freedom

Befor you start as a freelancer choose your skilset:

To succeed as a freelancer, you will need to market your expertise to potential clients. Those are your best assets. To start, discover the skills you’ve developed over time that others may not have and wish to hire you for. Make a list of talents connected to your interest in freelancing. Limit your skills list. Competition is good for freelancers. If other freelancers are already getting paid for the work you wish to do, there isn’t much money to be made. Search for freelancers on Upwork or Fiverr using the top five skills you specified.

Set your target customers:

After identifying you’re most profitable and pleasurable skills, consider who will pay you to utilize them. Many freelancers lack thoughtfulness and ambition here. They start freelancing and are so frightened of selling that they will take any client who pays them anything. Clients are something that every freelancer needs. And you won’t get far in your new career unless you know where to look. So start thinking about who will hire you and where they are. After you’ve contacted direct connections, consider indirect contacts. Do you have any valuable contacts? How about LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter?
Remember to update your social media pages to let everyone know you’re freelancing and what you do. Don’t overlook any opportunity to attract a potential client.

Freelancing portfolio:

A client project can be easy if they are family or friends. But most of the time, you’ll need to earn their trust. So you must BUILD trust. When you  start as a freelance business, offer examples of past work that is similar to the work you are considering employing.

Your portfolio should reflect the services you provide. Limit your work to samples you are proud of. Less is more here — simply include your best work.

How to Become a Successful Freelancer?

  1. To prepare yourself as a successful freelancer, you should:
  2. Understand your “value proposition”
  3. Always remember why your client hired you and execute on that promise.
Keep learning and improving your skills:
It is not your customer’s responsibility to keep your skills and knowledge updated. You must accomplish this on your own in order to become successful.

Do good work:

Unsatisfactory performance frequently results in warnings and opportunities to improve. Do quality work throughout. If you work with a team of similarly skilled employees, you must balance being “one of the team” with excelling them to prove your worth. (But don’t insult your coworkers or colleagues! Bad character won’t help you get a renewal.)

Be transparent:

Contractors’ reporting procedures can differ from employees’. If you work remotely, you may have more control over who reports to you and how your time is documented. If your deliverable milestones are far away, it may be tempting to “go dark”. Don’t do it! The customer needs to know you’re working. Keep stakeholders informed of your progress, even if you aren’t compelled to do so. If you don’t work closely with the customer, you can at least send them questions to show you’re still interested in the project.

The trend of freelancing in Pakistan supports many people who want to use their talents to improve their future and become a successful freelancer. In view of this, students must use these services to grasp the way they work hard instead of waiting for their degree to end or depend on others.


Saqib Butt
Saqib Butt
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