What to Expect in a Vape Starter Kit: A Complete Guide

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If you are new to vaping after quitting smoking, then a vape starter kit is the right thing for you. It is one of the most important purchases you will make as a vaper and is designed to give you everything you need to start your vaping journey. But what exactly do you get when you buy a vape starter kit? Check this out!


What Should A Vape Starter Kit Have?

A vaping starter kit will have everything required to start your vaping journey. You can begin vaping immediately after you buy it and set it up. Below is a list of things that might be included in your kit:

Vaping Device

The vaping device is the most crucial part of the starter kit. It powers your pod or tank and lets you switch the device on or off. It also comes with built-in safety features to monitor for risky battery loads and short circuits. 

Pod or Tank

Your device cannot produce vapor without a tank or pod. Your vaping kit will always have a tank that is compatible with the device to help you start vaping immediately. 

Replacement Coils 

The life of your vaping kit’s coil is limited. Eventually, it could lose its quality because of e-liquid residue or heat stress. You will have to replace the coil to improve the flavor quality. Most genuine vaping kits will have an extra pod or coil. As a result, you can use it many days before needing a replacement.

Charging Cable

Your vaping device will need a charged battery for it to work. This battery could be built-in or removable. Some kits will also include a charging cable. You can use this cable to connect the device to a computer and charge it.  


Your vaping kit will have a bag of spare gaskets for the tank. A vape tank could fail due to many reasons. It has many components screwed together, with rubber gaskets placed at each contact point. Your tank can leak if one of these gaskets tears or gets stretched. You can fix the tank using the spare parts in the kit and continue vaping.

What a Starter Vaping Kit May Not Have

Though a starter kit has everything you require to start your vaping journey, it may not have two things:


Vaping kits with pre-filled pods may include one or two e-liquids. But if you buy a refillable device, the e-liquid may not be included in the kit. It can get difficult for companies to pick one or two flavors among the many that are available. Hence, you may have to purchase the e-liquid yourself when you purchase a refillable vaping kit.


Most vaping kits have in-built batteries. But kits with removable batteries are also available. If your vaping device’s battery is removable, you may have to purchase a battery. It is difficult for companies to determine one capacity for the battery of the vaping device. Different people could have different preferences. For instance, you may want a battery to last longer between charges, while someone else may not care about battery capacity and want a higher discharge rating. So if your vaping device has a removable battery, you can buy a battery that meets your requirements.

Benefits of a Vaping Starter Kit

Listed below are some of the benefits of buying a starter vaping kit when you begin vaping:

You Get Everything in One Place

A starter kit gives you everything you need to start vaping. You don’t have to look for each component separately. As a beginner, this can be extremely helpful.


Since you are new to vaping, you may not want to spend much money on fancy devices. A starter kit will bring down costs while giving you access to everything.

Helps You Familiarize Yourself with Vaping

Since you get everything in one place, the starter kit can help you familiarize yourself with vaping. You can learn about the important parts of a vape, determine what flavors of e-liquids you like, and understand the vaping process better.

Purchase a Vaping Starter Kit!

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