8 Loading Picture iPhone Struggles: How to Fix Them

iPhone Struggles

If you’re using iCloud Photos on your iPhone, the Photo app may display low-resolution thumbnails to preserve storage space. You can still view several high-quality photos; you need to tweak a few settings. 

Suppose you experience errors like “An error occurred while loading a higher quality version of this photo” while loading the picture iPhone. In that case, the device might struggle to download the original images from the Apple server. 

In this article, we will discuss how to fix iPhone issues that you might be experiencing while downloading photos. 

Step-1 Turn Airplane Mode On or Off

When you enable Airplane mode, the WiFi and cellular connections shut down. It helps users deal with minor connection errors that might prevent the proper connection between the iPhone and iCloud Photos. 

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and turn off Airplane Mode. Next, wait for about 10 seconds before you turn it off. By doing this, you may be able to establish uninterrupted connectivity between the device and the iCloud app.

Step-2 Store Images as PNG

More often, the iPhone stores images as HEIC, which is half the size of the JPG but is not supported on all digital devices and operating systems. Moreover, the apps that can process the HEIC files are limited. 

The low-resolution images might result from transferring files from one format to another using a professional app. To retain the image integrity, store images as JPG or PNG. Moreover, learning how to edit a PNG file or a JPG image can help maintain image quality.

Step-3 Check System Status Page

The Photos app sometimes fails to retrieve high-quality pictures from iCloud. The reason might be the server-side issue that requires the user to be technically sound to fix the error. In this case, ensure you have good internet connectivity before starting. 

Open Apple’s System Status page and determine the status displayed next to Photos. If you see the list of issues on the page, wait a few seconds for Apple to resolve it. The entire process may take anywhere between a couple of minutes and hours. 

iPhone Struggles

Step-4 Select to Download & Keep Original

If you have tweaked your iPhone setting to delete original photos automatically, you can reconfigure settings to keep the original format. To do this, go to Settings, click iCloud Photos, and tap Download and Keep Originals. 

Tweaking these settings will instruct the iPhone to download the photos while keeping the original files intact. Remember that the images will consume more space on the storage device. For better storage optimization, store the photos on an external SSD. 

Step-5 Update iOS Version

Check if your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS or if it’s still functioning on the old iteration of the iOS version. Upgrade your iPhone’s operating system to the latest version and back up data to iCloud to prevent the loss of important files. 

The system software update is the proven and most common solution to many functional issues that suddenly appear on digital devices. To update iOS, navigate to Settings, tap General, and Select Software Update. Make sure to follow the process carefully. 

Step-6 More effective for iPhone Struggles to Reset Network Settings

Once you reset the network settings on your iPhone, you will see major changes as it helps fix broken configurations. Any discrepancies in system configurations sometimes cause internet connectivity issues on your iPhone. 

To reconfigure network settings, click Settings, go to General, and tap Reset. Then select Reset Network Settings. Connect to the available WiFi network after completing the reset procedure. Now, your cellular settings must update automatically.

Step-7 Restart Your iPhone

Restating your iPhone can help to fix any major technical glitches, including functional and performance discrepancies. This simple fix can help resolve any quirks and issues in the Photos app like a pro, making it work properly. Learn how to install Spotify & use on Mac

To restart your iPhone correctly, head to Settings, tap General and then select Shut Down. Then drag the Power icon towards the right side and wait for around 30 seconds. At last, hold down the Side button to reboot your iPhone.

Iphone Struggles

Free Up Internal Storage

Lack of storage space can be the reason behind the slow loading of pictures on iPhone. Before buying external storage to back up images, check the internal storage on the iPhone. Delete any unnecessary apps, files, and photos to free up storage space. 

To claim extra gigabytes of space on your iPhone, go to Settings, click General, and then navigate to iPhone Storage. Next, identify the apps and files that are no longer needed. Reclaim storage by removing cache, large files, and duplicates. 

The Conclusion

iPhones are known to deliver excellent performance, and you might rarely experience any issues related to image quality. The troubleshooting steps mentioned above help regain access to high-quality images on iPhone.

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