How to make Reels on Instagram and changes in 2021

The a lot-pointed out Instagram Reels – basically the platform’s answer to TikTok – has subsequently graced our updates in the UK and right here at TechUpNext we couldn’t be greater excited!

What are Instagram Reels?

To make Instagram reels let users create short videos and post them with subtitles and hashtags. This may sound like some of its other features (e.g., stories and IGTV), however in this new content presentation type, several significant differences go beyond the offering of other Instagram capabilities. Even though reels and Stories are visually identical, they are 15 seconds longer, completely video-based, and have their page on a user’s profile as well as a separate feed.

How to Create Instagram Reels Step by Step?

To begin creating a reel, you need to browse to the feed on your homepage and turn right, like you’re making an Instagram story.

  1. Select the ‘Reel’ option here and then start creating your Reel! There are various video editing choices, including speed, several special effects and a countdown for each portion of the Reel.
  2. Sounds and effects can be found and used directly from other reels. You can select or even submit a sound from the large library of music and soundtracks! You can also view different reels using the same sound that you see by clicking on the sound. You can use the audio from here to create your Reel.
  3. You can save special effects such as Instagram stories or explore effects for special effects. Sound and music are alike – you may see custom tracks for you, browse categories or search for specific songs and artists.
  4. Select the length, hit the capture button and start recording after counting to begin filming.
  5. Once you have taken the video, you may either improve it or completely delete it if you’re not satisfied with it. You can film and mix many clips into one Reel.
  6. Once your Reel is made, you can add stickers and text to the Instagram Story, just as you add it. Next, you can decide which areas of the Reel on which the text is displayed. For the areas of the Reel that you do not want text on, the text is faded on the screen.
  7. You can upload it as you usually would with a post when you’ve done the Reel. Add a short title, and don’t forget to include the appropriate hashtags!
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How to change username on Instagram?

For one thing, Instagram allows the user to change the username. It’s simple to change your Instagram username, both on the desktop version and the mobile apps.
Go to your profile and click “Edit Profile” once you’ve logged in to on your computer. On the next screen, you’ll notice text boxes labelled “Name” and “Username”. To modify your display name, username, or both, overtype the existing text. At the bottom of the page, click “Submit.”

The Instagram mobile apps process is quite similar. Go to your Instagram profile page and tap “Edit Profile” in the app. then enter your username here. On iOS, press “Done.” On Android, tick the box.

Why should you use Instagram Reels in 2021?

Increased content engagement

We’re all sick of seeing the same photographs on Instagram. To achieve long-term online success, content creators must update their work. Reels are not only rapid but also catchy, amusing, and delightful to watch. The Reel feed is designed to keep bringing you content you can’t ignore.

Instagram is a powerhouse of business activity.

Why do businesses need Instagram Reels? Instagram is the most popular business social media network, with 76% using it for marketing. Because business advertising and cooperation are more apparent on the platform, conversions increase. This app helps businesses. Today, using Reels on Instagram to build brand-customer relationships is the best way to develop brand-customer relationships.

Get rewarded by Instagram

Remind yourself that using the platform’s new things will earn you rewards. How? With increased audience reach, visibility, and likes. That’s it. Instagram wants you to utilize Reels because they worked hard on it and reward those who use it!

Display Your Products in a Professional Manner
Instagram Reels may be used to market your products, services, or If you publish Instagram Reels from a public account, users who don’t follow you will see your content.

Instagram Reels Expand Your Instagram Audience

It’s time to get creative with Instagram Reels! It’s is an excellent opportunity for brands and influencers to obtain Instagram followers and build a community before Reels becomes saturated.

Can you promote reels on Instagram?

Instagram does not yet enable businesses to advertise on Reels. The platform does allow businesses to create a customized audience of video views to retarget individuals who have previously visited and interacted with a reel. In the case of Instagram advertisements, if you’re promoting a new product, you can utilize Reels to capture more data and retarget more people. It will result in a huge reduction in your advertising expenditures.

How to get reels on Instagram?

For those interested in browsing Reels, Instagram provides a section dedicated to it. Using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, launch the Instagram application. To access the “Discover” tab, select the Magnifying Glass icon at the bottom of the screen.


Both advertisers and social media users love video content. 17% of marketing professionals feel that video marketing is the second most effective ad type, with 16% stating Instagram stories. Reels are another opportunity for your followers to publish video material excitingly. Because they are still new, they are a potential source for experiments with new ideas about content that increase your engagement rates more than ever before. Mix your Instagram reels with stories, IGTV and regular posts. Your Instagram marketing approach will undoubtedly reach the next level.
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