Weather Matters: Choosing the Ideal Month to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

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Do you want to give your home a beautiful facelift? Want to add some dramatic curb appeal? Exterior painting can give an instant and brand-new makeover to your home. Many homeowners delay the daunting task of painting the exterior of their homes as there are many factors to consider before undertaking this huge task. From choosing the correct paint to waiting for the perfect weather to selecting the right shade of color, there are many factors that are in play. So are you wondering when to call your commercial painters?

The best time to paint the exterior of your home depends on where you live. As the paint will require a specific temperature to dry quickly and efficiently, you should naturally choose the ideal season for exterior painting. Most exterior paints require an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit to dry efficiently and get a long-lasting finish. Although summer is considered to be an ideal season for exterior painting, there is no universal season for adding a new coat of paint to your home. The answer depends on the humidity and wind status of where you live. So what are the signs to look for before you call your professional painters? Let us find out. 

When to paint the exterior of your home?

As discussed before, the ideal season for painting the exterior of your home depends on where you live. Most home experts agree that summer is the best time for painting the home’s exterior. However, summer can mean different temperatures and weather conditions in different places. Check for the right temperature and weather condition predictions for your exterior paint to dry and cure properly. Go for a day when the weather is predicted to be warm and dry. You should check whether predictions in your area both before and after your paint job day. For instance, if it rains right after the paint job, you will have a lot of trouble. The ideal temperature can be 65 to 90 F.

You should also avoid days when the temperature is supposed to dip below 50 F as the paint will roll off. Moreover, humidity can also sometimes delay the process as it can crack the paint due to the high level of moisture. In places where humidity and rain are common, the ideal season would be to schedule the painting job for spring or fall. Wind current is another big issue in the case of exterior paint jobs. As a light and welcoming breeze can make the process easy, strong wind currents can result in overspray of the paint and everything from your car to the yard will get sprinkles of the paint. Always consult a reliable and professional painting company about the best time for exterior home painting in your area.

What to consider when doing exterior painting:

  • Avoid moisture: Moisture can delay the drying process of paint and it is best to avoid humid and wet working conditions. Make sure to clean and dry the painting surface and check for the weather forecast for the next few days.
  • Check for wind currents: You should also check for the wind weather forecast. Windy weather conditions can make debris and dust stick to the fresh paint, leading to uneven drying or even worse, the debris and dust might get stuck as permanent damage. Violent wind situations can also create dangerous work conditions as there would be tools and equipment high off the ground. Always go for painters with proper licenses and insurance as a safety measure. 
  • Always stay within an acceptable temperature range: You don’t want to paint in the middle of dog day heat or freezy winters as it can cause problems with drying and curing. Read about the Cost of Home Appliances here.

Checking the conditions before calling exterior home painters:

  • Plan around the climate and weather in your area before repainting your home’s exterior for it to look best. 
  • Before deciding on the paint color, check for the latest home color trends to keep your home fresh and modern.
  • Do your homework on calling the right paint professionals. 
  • Complete all the exterior home projects before the paint job and not vice versa.

Now that you have decided to paint the exterior of your home, you should try to avoid any mistakes while hiring the right painters. Hiring the wrong painters can prevent you from getting value for your money, give a substandard result, incur costly damages, and take longer than it should. To give your home a complete makeover without any hassle and worry, make sure to find the right professionals. It can be a team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals to get the right return on investment and a final product that you can be proud of.

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