5 Questions People Have about Edibles


Many people nowadays wonder about edibles and their effects especially since they contain compounds like THC and CBD. One of the most frequently asked questions around edibles is, “How long do edibles last?” Here are some answers to common queries people have about how long the edible high hangs around.   

1) What Factors Affect How Long It Sticks with You?

A lot affects how long the effects stick, including THC concentration, tolerance, metabolism, what product it is, dosage, as well as the half-life of the edible product.

The half-life refers to how long it takes for half of the ingested THC in an edible to be eliminated from the body. Edible half-lives tend to range from 2-5 hours, though they can be longer for infrequent users or those who consume edibles with a high-fat meal.

It’s also worth noting edibles interact differently than smoke, going through your gut and liver which can prolong the experience. Each person might feel it differently depending on their setup. Taking these variables into account helps manage expectations.

2) How Long Do Edibles Last, Really?

So, how long do edibles last? On average, edible impacts are reported to linger 6-8 hours after consumption. But their onset usually takes longer than smoking – 30 minutes to 2 hours post-consumption. 

This delayed reaction often surprises newbies. Many notice some tiredness or altered perception even after the peak wears off. Taking an edible on a free day is not a bad idea at first to see how you handle it without responsibilities.  

3) What If I Take More Than I Should?

Overdoing edibles is easy since the delayed reaction hides risks of going overboard. Those who take extra thinking they’ll feel nothing can end up overwhelmed later on. 

Too much can cause drowsiness, hallucinations, hunger pangs, anxiety, paranoia, or feeling off for well over 8 hours in severe cases. Having a trusty friend’s number handy provides comfort if things intensify when you least expect them.

4) When Will It Clear Out of My System?  

THC, the main psychoactive in cannabis, binds to fat cells and hangs around bodily tissues long after the “high” fades. Trace amounts may be detectable in urine drug screens for up to 30 days post-consumption for casual users.

Frequent, long-term edible consumers can test positive even long after. The specific cannabinoid breakdown timeline depends largely on individual metabolism.

5) How Can The Duration Be Shortened?

A couple of methods may modestly reduce an edible’s length. Coffee can stimulate the digestive and liver processes breaking down THC. As well, eating a high-fat meal with the edible aids absorption but also prolongs its trip through the gut and first-pass metabolism in the liver. 

Getting proper rest helps the body bounce back faster. Ultimately, individual biochemistry governs most of an edible’s longevity within the system.

In Closing

“How long do edibles last in the body?” While edible durations vary, most effects usually fade within 6-8 hours. But with their delayed reactions and influences of tolerance, the peak high may last longer for some. Understanding common duration myths and how the body metabolizes edibles allows safer consumption and helps level appropriate expectations. It’s advisable to start small to obtain valuable insight into personal tolerance.

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