Maximizing Property Value and Income: The Advantages of Building an ADU

Property Value

You can convert any idle space in your home to a new living space known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). It’s located separately from the family house, but the two buildings share utilities. ADUs can be far from the main house, or you can pick a room and convert it into an independent unit, for example, an in-law suite. You can try My ADU contractor services; they are professional builders with experience designing and building excellent home extensions. 

Some people convert an independent garage into a separate livable unit. Besides, an ADU is a complete home rented out to generate revenue, while others use it as a workspace, guest house, storage, or backyard home. ADUs give the property owner flexibility and are eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

Types of ADUs

Regardless of why you build an ADU, they fall into four categories. 

  • Detached – it’s separate from the main house.
  • Attached – A separate dwelling that shares a wall with the main house.
  • Interior Conversion – The homeowner turns one room into an independent living space within the main house. Attics and basements are the primary spaces you can convert, and they can have a separate entrance into the main house.
  • Garage Conversion – A garage is converted into an independent dwelling space that can be attached or detached from the principal residence. 

Advantages of ADU Housing

ADUs are a popular rising trend where homeowners construct smaller, separate, independent homes in their compound for different reasons. Here are the many benefits of building an ADU. 

Increased Living Space

Most people build ADUs to increase their living space; they appeal to growing families because they need more room for everyone but dread the hassle of moving to a new neighborhood. Constructing a detached ADU is a cost-effective solution that provides more space, and no one has to move out. 

Higher Property Value

Besides increasing your living space, ADUs increase property value, and you attract more buyers. ADUs are perfect for cities where the housing demand keeps growing, and adding living units is considered an investment. Properties with ADUs have a higher value, especially in progressive cities.

Source of Income

Vacationers appreciate renting spaces that feel like a home away from home, and an ADU brings that feeling. Renting out an ADU generates revenue that can help you deal with any economic challenges by bringing in some extra income. It is an excellent choice for cities where rents have risen. ADUs can also be used as an Airbnb, where the owner earns an income by letting other people live there for short stays.

Versatile Use

A detached ADU has variant uses, making it versatile for homeowners. For instance, you can use the ADU to host guests as an office or rental unit. Its versatility and flexibility meet different needs at different times. 

More Privacy

An ADU can increase privacy for the homeowner and the person renting it if they need some alone time. If the renter is an outsider, they get to live independently because the ADU has all the house requirements. Find out a beginner’s guide to property valuation.

Live Close to Your Family

You can use a backyard ADU as an office or a house for family members like seniors or children who wish to move out. Your  ADU can ensure that family ties remain the same and no one has to move away from the other family members.

The Downside of ADU Housing

Although there are many benefits of ADU housing, there are disadvantages too: 

  • Remember that local laws might be restrictive on the building of ADUs. Therefore, if you’re purchasing a property and considering developing it, find out if there are any hindering restrictions. Constructing an ADU in restricted areas is unlawful.
  • Building a new house or converting a room can be costly.
  • You must get tax requirements and permits from the city, and you will need to hire qualified architects for the job. 
  • High maintenance costs
  • If an ADU is illegal, it can complicate the property resale. 
Property Valuation

Factors to Consider Before Building ADU Housing

If you want to create a new living space, consider constructing an ADU. However, before building a new dwelling space, there are factors you must consider to make the process smooth. 

  • The current layout of your home and design matters because you may need to construct a matching ADU.
  • Consider the privacy you need because the ADU is close to the primary residence.
  • Your zone’s development standards and regulations might limit the kind of ADU you have in mind and restrict you to a particular style. 
  • How will the outsider access the new space if you rent the ADU? A separate entrance makes everyone comfortable.
  • Utility connections
  • Purpose and type of the ADU
  • Fire regulations
  • Storage 
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