How To Schedule Your Posts Can Help Unlock Social Media Success

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With the rise of digital marketing, social media is becoming one of the phenomenal weapons to get your target audience on board. It is proving to be a platform to be a part of your customer’s entire journey with the company. From a potential lead to a loyal customer!

However, it is not just about posting something and getting your audience to take a glance. There is entire social media planning and management that goes behind some of the very successful social media campaigns.

Bunch of very talented social media managers, and copywriters working daily to secure the #trending spot.

These campaigns start with something very disciplined. A routine, a scheduled time, and a calendar to follow. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, here is an excerpt for your assistance on how to unlock your social media success.

Why Schedule Your Social Media

Where to begin with!

Scheduling is probably the most important part of a social media marketing campaign. Without this, you are all creative and copywriting geniuses go down the drain. The reasons why you should always schedule your social media campaigns are as follows:

●   Your target audience has a specific time to come online. They won’t be online at all times.

●   Similarly, your target audience won’t be using every social media platform worldwide. There is a demography attached to every platform.

●   With scheduling comes a targeted frequency to reach out. Without this planning, you shouldn’t be able to create awareness.

How To Schedule Your Social Media Post

Now that you know the importance, this is how you will build a well-performing social media scheduling calendar.

1. The Frequency Of The Post

First, decide the frequency of your posts. It could be once a day or more than once a day. Here is how your frequency is going to differ.

●   Depending on the social media platform you are using:

●   Instagram requires one post every one or two days. At least one story a day.

●   Facebook frequency is less since the posts are long. You can post once every three days.

●   Tiktok, on the other hand, is very spontaneous and dwells on recent trends. Therefore, if you are trying to go viral there, you must post two videos daily.

●   On the other hand, Youtube requires more effort with shooting and editing. Plus, it is a place for longer content. So, once every week is necessary to build a steady audience.

2. Filter Out Your Target Audience

Using every social media platform and building an audience is a dream. However, targeting so many platforms at once could be overwhelming if you are just starting.

The trick here is to funnel down your target audience and their age demography. Then, through algorithms, understand which social media they will use most. Your social media campaign starts from that platform.

3. Plan Out A Calendar

Do not plan your post the day before. Although, when it comes to sudden trends, the calendar might look different sometimes. But nevertheless, you should have a calendar with every upcoming post for a week.

This gives you a clear goal to reach out to. Simply making a calendar and posting is not enough, though. You have to keep a tab of the likes, comments, and views you are getting on each post and challenge yourself to surpass a number with each post.

4. Understand How Each Social Media Works

Every social media has a different layout. The template which works for LinkedIn wouldn’t work for something like Instagram.

There is a difference in audience, length, and tonality. While scheduling, you also have to keep in mind the time periods in each platform that is the most active. For example, LinkedIn posts should go up in the morning since it is most active during official hours.

Similarly, Instagram posts are short, entertaining, and posted after office hours.

Keep Checking Your Algorithm!

Your efforts are fruitless if you do not check the results.

You have to keep a check on the algorithm and see whether your social media calendar is working. As a novice, if you are facing difficulty in creating a social media campaign with the right calendar. This is why you should find the right professionals to help you with it.

With a professional by your side, social media management will be made much easier. Plus, they will be more focused on result-oriented work, directing your closure to your next social media success.

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