Expert Advice: How to Quickly Fix Leaking Windows When It Rains


If your windows normally leak at the bottom corner or you are experiencing water pooling around the sill, you need to find out where the problem is coming from and fix it. If left unrepaired, window leaks can aid mold growth or cause nuisance and water damage.

The good thing is that fixing a window with leaking problems is inexpensive and easy. You only need a few supplies to ensure your windows won’t leak again when it rains. For all your window replacement needs, you can click this link to find out best window replacement contractor in Houston, TX. Read on to learn a few easy steps to repair your leaking window.

window leaking

Why Do My Windows Leak?

In most cases, the reason why windows leak is because of worn-out seals or caulk. The older your windows get, the more the seals and caulk dry out or crack. The cracks leave gaps in the frame and the window, allowing the water to leak on the sill. When windows leak at the bottom corner of their frames or around the sill, their caulks are cracked, or the seals are worn out. There are other potential causes of window leaks which include:

Clogged Drainage Holes: If the small holes allowing water to get past the seals so it can drain out are clogged, there is no room for water to drain out. It can easily leak into your home.

Damaged Seals: Silicone and rubber gaskets on your windows seal and block out rain and moisture. If there is a problem, you will notice signs like moisture and condensation between your glass panes.

Defective Windows: Shortly after the windows have been installed, you may notice some defects. Windows that have defects have leaking problems.

Improper Flashing: Flashing is the barrier around the window, installed to prevent leaks. If the contractor did not properly install it, you will have the problem of leaking. It can be hard to detect improper flashing, but you can look for cracks and gaps around the sides of your window frame.

How to Identify the Cause of a Leaky Window

It takes some keen observation to identify why your window leaks. You must check the inside and outside of the window, the roofing, and the siding. Follow the following steps to know where the problem is coming from.

  • While outside, inspect the window to see if there are gaps around the farm or if the caulk is cracked or missing.
  • Check if the drainage holes are clogged, and you can clear the debris blocking the holes using a needle.
  • Check if the flashing is faulty, as water can leak through it if it is not properly sealed.
  • Inspect your roof to see if it leaks, as the water passing through it can drip through walls and pool around your windows.

Contact a reliable window installation company to help you if you still cannot identify what is causing the leak. With their extensive experience, they can easily find out why the windows are leaking and do the necessary repairs.

How to Fix a Leaking Window

Depending on what is causing the leaks, here are the different methods you can use to fix the windows.

  • Replace the Seals

To stop the window leaks. You need to replace the cracked or damaged leaks. To achieve this, you can pry out the faulty seals, but the processes of achieving this can vary depending on the manufacturer and style.

  •  Recaulk the Window

You can use a caulk removal tool or a utility knife to cut off the damaged caulk outside your window. After removing everything, you can reseal the window with exterior grade caulk and then repeat that process on the inside.

  • Replace the Window

You may have to replace the window if it is beyond repair or defective. If the other methods fail to deal with the leak, replacement is the only option, even if it is more expensive and involving. If the leaking has brought rot to the wood around the flame, you may need to hire the services of a window replacement company.

  • Replace or repair Flashing

After identifying the flashing as the cause of the leak, you can use repair tape to repair the flashing. You can deal with minor issues with repair tape, but if the flashing is severely damaged, you will need to replace it. Unless you have experience in home improvement issues, you may need to hire a contractor.

  • Make other Home Repairs

If you figure out that the window is not the cause of the leak, you may have to consider making other repairs depending on the exact reason. For instance, the problem could be the roof due to damaged shingles.

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