Top 5 Celebrity Hair Glow Ups Challenge of All Time!

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Do you want to switch up your present hairstyle? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Although we place them on a pedestal, most celebs have felt the same way. There is the top 5 Celebrity Glow Ups Challenge of All Time!

Even the most gorgeous and poised star has gone through an embarrassing hair-styling phase. They simply have more time, money, and people to assist them in cultivating the metamorphosis they’ve desired. Using real human hair extensions, celebrity hair makeovers are the ideal example of how simple hair glow-ups can drastically transform your day-to-day style.

So, take a look at these celebs’ incredible makeovers and learn how you may achieve a similar Hollywood style for yourself! Maybe it’ll be just the look you’re looking for for your glow-up!

Taylor Swift Glow Ups Challenge


Taylor Swift Glow Ups Challenge
The signature curls

Everyone on this list was beautiful before their “hair glow-up,” but there’s no denying that the transformations are dramatic. Taylor Swift, for one, sacrificed her signature curls in favor of a dark, edgy bob with long, thick bangs, and it looks great.

Her new appearance underlines what didn’t work for her with her previous hairstyle failed to highlight some of her best facial features.


Taylor Swift Glow Ups Challenge
The edgy hairdo

Real human hair extensions are solid bets if you want to replicate this aesthetic. The best 100 Real remy human hair extensions sew in are heat-friendly and full bangs for disguising a longer forehead and may be worn curled or straight. If you want to channel Taylor’s edgy style, choose a layered bob using real human hair extensions with sweeping side bangs that will turn heads!

Ariana Grande Glow Ups Challenge


Ariana Grande Before
The red hair

We all fell in love with Ariana Grande’s red hair, but the red hair did not do justice to her striking features. Her red hair hid her gorgeous cheeks and dimples.


Ariana Grande Hair Glow Up
The signature human hair ponytail extensions

Apart from her vocals, Ariana Grande is known for her signature human hair ponytail extensions hairstyle. The ponytail hairstyle brings the focus to her gorgeous eyes. You, too, can rock this sleek and chic hairdo with blonde real human hair ponytail extensions. You have a timeless hairstyle and a natural facelift, which is a win in our book!

Selena Gomez Glow Ups Challenge


Selena Gomez Before
Swept hair

Selena Gomez knows how to put on a good show. While long hair and wispy side bangs are charming on an uncomfortable adolescent, they don’t necessarily translate well into maturity. As a result, Gomez opted for stylish glam!


Selena Gomez after
Long waves

Long wavy locks with the middle part fantastic on the Rare Beauty founder. Wavy tresses using real human hair extensions are great for extra volume and length. Let’s be real; who doesn’t love a good wavy hair moment? We sure do!

Zendaya Glow Ups Challenge


Zendaya before
Still cute

If one celebrity always understands the assignment, then it is the talented actress, Zendaya. The child Disney star always looked beautiful with any hairstyle, but as she grew into a stunning woman, she showcased her versatility in acting and her hair.


Zendaya after
Very cute

Zendaya is a gift that keeps on giving, but our favorite is her cornrows on the Spider-Man: No Way Home premier. This isn’t your average cornrows; Zendaya’s gorgeous cornrow set was a back-skimming hairstyle! Zendaya did not disappoint with her latest hairstyle, and her eyeliner look for the night also deserves mention.

You can recreate her jaw-dropping hairstyle using real human hair extensions! It is protective, stylish, and amazing!

Doja Cat Glow Ups Challenge


Doja Cat before

Rapper and singer Doja Cat always experiments with her looks, and we are here for it! Her hairstyles are as versatile as her music, from pink to blonde hair.


Doja Ca
Extraterrestrial glam

Doja Cat’s hairstyles range from a pink bowl cut and dramatic graphic liner to platinum blond hair and a pink cat-eye. Set in space, she blends her artistic side with traditional “alien” cosmetics to create “extraterrestrial glam.” You can also achieve her fantastic aesthetic using real human hair extensions and dying it pink.


Contrary to popular belief, most glow-ups do not occur overnight. Celebrity hair glow-ups with real human hair extensions are the ideal example of how a simple curl, soft bang, layered cut, or extra length can drastically transform your day-to-day style. You only need to take the time (and seek the correct counsel) to figure out which hairstyle suits you best!

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