The Ultimate Guide to Mail Forwarding: How to Choose the Right Service

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If you are relocating as an individual or a business, whether permanently or temporarily,

and you are facing the challenge of identifying what to do with deliveries and postal mail; you have to create time and learn about the ins and outs of mail forwarding.

You must learn about the free and paid options to choose your best. There are reliable

and efficient mail transfer service providers such as MyUSAddress that can offer you Canada shipping solutions from the USA. Mail forwarding allows your delivery packages to be sent to a new address that is different from what you have used in the past. Read on to identify the best way to forward mail. 

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What is Mail Forwarding, and how does it Work?

You can best understand mail forwarding as a private mailbox service that aims to ensure postal packages and mail get to digital nomads, businesses, and travelers wherever they are. Mail forwarding services can forward your mail or parcels internationally to any address with the help of any mail carrier service that is available. You do not need a permanent address to facilitate smooth mail delivery with these services.

The middlemen between your business or organization and customers are mail forwarding

services. They offer individuals virtual addresses that they can use as their new addresses. Your clients, customers, or partners send mail to the virtual address, then upon receiving the mail, the mail forwarding service providers notify you through the different methods at their disposal. 

Afterward, it will be upon you to decide how you will handle your mail, through them scanning it for you and opening it before sending or shredding and destroying it.

Which Businesses need a Mail Forwarding Service

Any business or individual constantly in motion or is in the relocation process requires mail

forwarding services. These services benefit BPO companies, traveling business people, startups, digital nomads, and companies that want to change their place of residence.

With mail forwarding services, there are no limitations in the types of work it supports as far as industries go. For instance, it can work with tech hubs, creative agencies, data entry, and administrative businesses.

The Best Way to Forward Mail

The most low-priced way to carry out your mail forwarding activities in the United States is

through the USPS (United States Postal Services). Setting up your mail forwarding service through your; local post office is free. Opting to go through the virtual way will attract a fee of $1.10. With that, you can validate your identity using the change of address form found online.

Steps to Take When Forwarding Your Mail via USPS

  1. First, you must navigate the change of address form online. Here are the steps to follow: go to, then to the “Quick Tools” tab at the beginning of the page. Click on Change My Address.
  2. Here, you key in the information on who is moving and for how long it will be. You will do this on the COA form, specifying who is moving from a given address. It is helpful when not all family members are moving. You can also state whether it is a permanent or temporary move. 
  3. Designate when you want the service to start; on the form, select when USPS is supposed to forward the mail. Most importantly, note that you must choose a date within the next three months. You should expect the mail within two weeks of your effective move date.
  4. Confirm and pay the fees. Ensure you have a valid email to complete the form and pay the identity validation fee.

Pros and Cons of Mail Forwarding


  • It is inexpensive or free when done through USPS
  • It helps to simplify your to-do list before you move
  • If you use private services, you can rely on them to protect your security
  • It ensures you don’t miss important information


  • Private post-redirection services may be expensive.
  • You can only use basic USPS service for up to six months
  • You must request a USPS COA in person if you are an international mover.

Mails that USPS Cannot Forward

It forwards Only USPS-sent first-class or priority mail if you set up mail forwarding via USPS.

It implies that you must update your address with any service that works with private delivery methods. Catalogs, newspapers, and media mail are forwarded for only 60 days, so you must update your address with the sender if you need to keep receiving this kind of mail.

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