Expert Tips: How to Select the Perfect Siding Styles & Colors for Your Colonial Home

Colonial sliding style

A change in the style and color of your siding significantly impacts how you feel in your home. You can bring out your home’s best features and make its exterior stick out by getting a new type of siding and doing a fresh paint job.

When getting new siding colors and styles, you need to consider the current combination of the front door, the hues, and other outdoor components. To freshen your colonial home’s exterior, click here for siding systems in Syracuse, NY. Here are the tips that will give you the right path when choosing the best siding styles and colors.

What your Neighborhood looks like

Colonial Home

Pay close attention to the colonial houses in your residential area. Taking in these homes’ styles and color schemes is essential in making the best decision. Even though your interest is in incorporating your style into the siding color scheme, your selection should look great in the location of your home. For instance, you may choose more colorful alternatives of siding colors if your neighborhood looks more eclectic.

Are you Building New or Updating your Home’s  Exterior?

If you intend to replace the existing siding in your colonial home, choosing another siding profile that resembles the existing features of your home will be a great idea. However, if you are constructing a new home, try mixing and matching the siding profiles to get a color scheme with a significant curb appeal and stand-out character. 

Vertical siding is excellent with an even finish if you love farmhouse-style exteriors. After you decide on the siding outlook, you can use the profile to impact your color palette.

Your home’s  Architecture 

The style of your home comes in handy in providing the visual cues that guide homeowners in choosing the siding colors. For example,  if your home is a colonial one, you can use unusual accents to offer an ultra-fine but modern twist since colonial homes are generally painted a classic single color like white. Creating a modern twist will be good.

The size of your House

You may find a dull color that looks rich and unique in the first instance, but when you paint it on the exterior of your mid-to-large scale colonial house, it may look overpowering and gloomy. Similarly, using very light colors for a small home can hinder the house from being distinct in the landscape. Remember, darker colors draw attention to spaces you intend to highlight. Also, light colors neutralize the features you would want to de-emphasize.

The Color of your Roof

The roof of your home might last for about 30 years, while the siding colors have a variable lifespan. When choosing the siding colors to use, you should consider the color of your roof in the first place. Consider a siding color that is lighter if your home has a dark roofing material.

The Landscaping Style

To determine siding styles and colors, you must consider the landscape surrounding your home. For instance, if you live in a conservative neighborhood and combine a stark modern landscape with a candy-colored scheme, it might not turn out perfect. On the contrary, if you have a bright-colored garden, it would be a great idea to have a more low-key siding color scheme to get a balance.

The Climate

Always put the climate of the area where your colonial home is in perspective before choosing the siding color. Know how the average weather conditions will influence how the hue appears. Here is a general principle you need to know if you want to make your home a high-value home; when there is extreme sunlight during the summer period, the siding colors look brighter than they would in other seasons. So you should understand that how the siding color looks during brighter days may differ from how they feel on a cloudy afternoon during winter.

Consider the Siding Material you will use

You must understand that every sliding type has a particular style it can work best with. Therefore, the choice of material is as important as the color scheme. Get a material that will allow you to fashion the look you envision to get the best results. 

For example, given that vinyl is a versatile and cost-effective option, you can get vinyl boards and apply them vertically and horizontally to create a perfect design for your home. With vinyl, you can get hundreds of colors, giving you endless options to apply to customize your colonial home. Find out when to clean your AC ducts

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