Top 3 Smartphone Announcement to Look After in 2017

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It’s wiithout a doubt that smartphones have became an important parts of our life and with time they are becoming more powerful and smart with the help of artificial intelligence. We are so fascinated with the smartphones that we want to buy every next mobile that is available in the market. So, today we have made a list of top 5 awaited mobiles of the year 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The next addition to the Samsung Galaxy lineup is one of the most anticipated smartphone. So many speculations have already been made about this new Samsung flagship killer and it looks like it will be really innovative and futuristic. It is expected to have a front with complete display and the button is supposedly removed. It is quite possible that their will also be a Samsung Galaxy S8 edge or plus that will have curved edge display.

Samsung Galaxy S8

We can only assume for now that itsĀ  gonna be one of the most powerful smartphone in the market at the time it would be released.

iPhone 7s or 8

2017 is gonna be a big year for Apple fans as it is gonna be Apple’s 10th anniversary and people are having too much expectations for a new smartphone with some extraordinary features. It is very likely that Apple will announce and release its new iPhone in the September or October just like all its previous launchings.

If reports are to be believed the new Apple iphone 7S or 8 will have a full screen upto the edges and no front button, much like the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Galaxy S8 (not confirmed). It is also speculated that the new iPhone will have a wireless charging option as well because Apple is reportedly switching to meal casing for its new smartphone lineup.

OnePlus 4 or 5

One Plus has captured the market of smartphone pretty fast to everyone’s surprise with its high end smartphones with amazing specs. It just released its new flagship killer OnePlus 3T a while back and it already made to the top smartphone released in 2016. Now it is believed that the company is about to release a new device which will possible be called OnePlus 4 or 5.

OnePlus 4 or 5

The smartphone company is well known for delievering smarphones with most advanced and current hardware. We expect nothing less for its new addition and possible an another flagship killer.

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