Kickass Torrent Back – Thanks to The New Community

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What!! Is this real or I am dreaming. Kickass torrent is finally back in action once again after it was banned. Kickass Torrent which was formerly the word largest torrent site is reborn into something different and amazing.

The US federal authority had taken down the site in the month around July and also generated legal action against the owner Artem Vaulin. Most popular with the domain name the servers were located and distributed at the different base location all over the world making them almostĀ impossible to take down the complete site at once.

The site was quite famous for software and crack version of each software and now the site is reborn with a new domain name and lot of other features.

It is available as It is designed exactly the same way it was supposed to be. Since the people working with the administrators of this site don’t have the complete backup of all the servers and database it is replicated as it was before but there are slightly modifications.

As the site owner was not much affected by the legal action of the site ban and putting the owner of the site to prison, interestingly the KAT crew seems unaffected and unconcerned by the legal action against them.

The Internet is a big world where data is available on the internet and you just have to dig deeper. They also claimed that the site also followed DMCA. It is Digital Millenium Copyright Act and not Devil May Cry Association. Haha

As most of the server’s data was migrated the server load is affected and it cannot process multiple requests at the same time. the server load is dedicated. It is also worth noticing that Federal authorities have charged the owner with copyright issues and seized the original domain name of the site.

There was more than 1 Billion worth of copyright content on the previous version of the site but now the site is back you can just relax and download favorite videos, software’s, games, songs and much more.

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