Dynamics 365 & AppSource Finally Launched by Microsoft with a SaaS Delivery Model

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Who don’t like technology and innovations in this tech world? Two of the biggest technology giants Microsoft and Google are competing almost daily to bring out new technologies and advancing research in the field of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artifical Intelligence and much many.

Microsoft has unveiled Dynamics 365 and AppSource for their Indian customers. Both of these amazing product will be using a software as a service for implementation and you all must be quite aware of what software as a service is because I am not going to explain all these cloud computing services in this article.

Dynamics 365 is a suite of CRM and ERP based on the cloud computing and cloud migration. This software is integrated with analytics, intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Well, you must be thinking what this software is all about? But for more details, you have to just check out the official site of this.

AppSource is SaaS marketplace for business applications which contains more advanced business oriented applications and other content packages.

With Dynamics 365 you can bring the combined power of both ERP and CRM in a single software which is one of its types. You all must be aware of pay per use service model of cloud computing and those who don’t know let me explain you. In this model, you only pay for those services of cloud which you use. It is a metered connection as our data pack or broadband connection.

Most of the organization spend their investments in buying traditional CRM applications and with Dynamics CRM all these services and application will be available at one-third of the price these companies are offering.

Dynamics CRM is currently using by some of the top companies of India including Yes Bank, Max Health, Reliance Life Insurance, SOTC and many others.


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