big data challenges

Five Major Big Data Challenges and Solutions

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Big data is a method that can greatly emphasis your business. It have many advantages which makes it a trending technology. It also have many big data challenges but solutions too. Many big companies are transforming themselves into big data companies using superficial big data tools. “Big data hadoop” or “big data and hadoop” are two most trending words in world of technology in recent time. That’s the reason why world is making big data environment because everyone knows big data future would be just outstanding.

big data challenges

Though many big data challenges occur which restrict many companies to adopt this. The challenges that companies face are not so small and easy to resolve. But big data software have solution of each of the big data challenges. The most common challenges that are faced are:

1. Meeting the need for maintaining speed

Big data facts specifies that speed has been one of the major big data challenges. In today’s competitive world every big data company not only want easy access but they aim quick access as well. Because quick access is directly proportional to more traffic on server, which can greatly help in companies success. And this is only possible by maintaining high speed consistently. Big data solution for this is not only the requirement of powerful system but a powerful server and big data tools too. And these all factors combinely define big data cloud.

Another solution to beat this Big data challenges is by using big data tools like Big Data Hadoop, MongoDB and cloudera each of this tool have great efficiency to beat this challenge. Many Big data workshop and big data webinar are conducted to completely guide about these tools.

2. Data Understanding

Another major issue under big data challenges is Data Understanding. It takes efforts from big data environment to recognize what kind of data is obtained and where to store it. Different kind of data are stored at different different location in the Big data cloud. So that they can be retrieved easily when ever needed.

Solution to this big data challenge is use of big data optimization and big data visualization. These both things completely monitor the data and decides the location where data is to be sent. Big data industry have great market to tools of with these features.

3. Security

Security is one of the major challenge that every field face. Maintaining security of the data stored in big data cloud is one of the most important task. This is the challenge which is Analyzed number of times by big data analyst in many big data conference which occur world wide. Big data security means:

  • To ensure that only authorized user can access big data.
  • User’s proper authentication to access data.
  • Continuously monitor what user is doing with the data and big data environment.

And these all can be resolved by help using features of hadoop like continuously monitoring, detecting and resolving issues. Proper use of data encryption, serialization and De-serialization. This helps in hiding data from unauthorized user.

4. Task Management

Monitoring multiple tasks is quite complex and assigning who is going to accomplish which task is challenging. If the tasks to be performed are not arranged systematically it can create problem in big data growth. And big data hub is not that simple to handle, So proper management of whole big data world is a serious challenge.

This can be resolved by using some good project management software tools. These Big data project managers have capability of easily distributing multiple tasks to different systems and they monitor each system by its proper scheduling. Also they carry big data operations performing capability which help in other fields.

5. Project Overview

Big data corporations are perpetually working on many projects. And each of that projects have to be done on scheduled time, so taking project overview at each stage is an important task. But many times it is difficult to take complete overview from different positions in a project. Many times you can be in a situation were you would be running out of time and project overview would be must.

Solution to this challenge is use of big data project management tools like ProProfs Project. This big data platforms can give complete overview and their current status at each stage. Also these can give big data roadmap and big data events of projects.


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