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Best Big Data tools for data management and developers

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Big Data, a technology that has became a trend now and that is coming into wide use now-a-days. Big Data technology also have various advantages and features that make it so popular, like better data management, increased speed, capacity and cloud storage, new business opportunities etc. And this technology has various Big Data tools available in market.

Many Big companies now a days are working on big data and making their own tools like big data tools from microsoft, big data tools from ibm etc. Also there are many big data simulation tools, big data stream tools, big data sql tools, big data system tools also which greatly help in managing speed and space .

Some big data tools that greatly help in storage, visualizing, area of extraction, mining and integration are:

1. Hadoop Big Data tools

Big data tools hadoop

It is the most popular name which is associated with big data. This though is an open-source software framework that intelligently divides the system storage for large data sets. Hadoop is also the most used Big data tools by the help of which one can scale data less and more without bothering about hardware failures. Hadoop is used for any kind of data since it gives ample amount of space. Also it has high processing power and have ability to perform concurrent jobs limitlessly.

2. Cloudera

Big data tools Cloudera

Cloudera is a modified version of Hadoop, surely it have some extra features and services than Hadoop. These extra features make companies to stick more on it. This Big data tool also increase the clients for an enterprise, since it provides better way of accessing data that is been stored. Cloudera also provide feature like data security that is very important, in case of personal and other sensitive data.


3. MongoDB

This Big Data tool is new and start-up approach to data management system. MongoDB tool is mostly used in Databases where data is changed frequently. And also used for semi-structured and structured data.

Big data tools MongoDB

This tool can help you in various fields for storing data like for product catalogs mobile apps, content management and real time personalization.

4. OpenRefine

OpenRefine big data tool is also an open-source platform. And this is essentially used for cleaning the messy data stored. By the help of this you can easily explore enormous amount of data, weather is structured or unstructured. The other name of OpenRefine is GoogleRefine.

Big data tools Refine

OpenRefine has a good data cleaning knowledge the makes it user-friendly. There are lots of contributors of OpenRefine which grows this software more and more.

5. Splice Machine

Splice Machine tool is also a well known and commonly used Big data tools. This is combination of SQL and Hadoop database. Due to this you can aim for quick development. This tool gives ability to use standard SQL and can easily scale up on common hardware.

Big Data Tools Splice Machine

Spilce machine is a tool which have left behind the dersired limits of MySQL and Oracle. It has SQL 99 compliant along with standard ANSI SQL.

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