Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Einstein?

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Most of you must be familiar with Artificial Intelligence and already know that AI is helping scientists with the testable hypothesis and also make intelligent decisions in businesses. Our mind is the powerful or even the most powerful object in this world. But can artificial intelligence can beat the power of our mind?

The other question which needs to be answered is can machines take over the computing power of our mind. With the speed technology is advancing and changing, there are chances that AI will be next power in out hands. You must have seen many Sci-Fi movies based on this question.

Humans and machines have a total complementary skillset. Artificial Intelligence is helping researchers to do the works which the already do. Today, humans and machines can be considered on the same level. With the help of cloud computing, the work has become easier and we have not even reach up to the total efficiency of cloud computing.

Laura Hass who is a computer scientist and also the director of the IBM research Accelerated Discovery Lab in San Jose, California said that if used properly, the machines will come to be the strongest part of humans.

You must have heard of upcoming technologies like big data and cloud computing and at the rate technology is changing around us, our world will be completely different from today.

You can take an example of selfie sticks. First, we were just hell crazy for selfies and we even are today, nowadays drone cameras are used to take selfies and videos in HD 1080p quality.

Under the war between the humans and machines, we cannot say who gonna win but if machines win, this means that the human creation machine will be the only one who is taking control over the human mind.

All machines are not same as that of JARVIS is Avengers movie who functions exactly the same way as it is told. A special gene called p53 also called “Angel of Death” helps direct the cell through its life cycle and kills the aging cells.

There are more than 7000 research papers written about this special gene which can even change the aspects of life and death. But what so be the result, we hope that human mind must be always powerful than the machine or Artificial Intelligence.


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