Apple Might Start Manufacturing iPhone Soon in India

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Apple has been trying hard ever since to make its way into the top smartphone choice for mobile phone enthusiast in India. But because of the high import duty cost on the products it has been unable to compete with the premium brands. Now, Apple may have finally came up with a solution and decided to join the other premium phone manufacturers and may soon start manufacturing its product locally.

As per the reports and an article from the Wall Street Journal, Apple have wrote a letter back in November to the federal government stating the plans of opening its manufacturing unit in India and has also mentioned that its looking for financial incentives.

It has been long since Apple landed in India with its high-end iPhone, Mac laptops and desktops but it only has been able to capture 2 percent market share of smartphone brands because of its high prices. The product heavy import duties is something that makes the iPhone too expensive for the consumer. In order to increase the sales the Cupertino company has even came up with buyback schemes and easy finance options. According to the reports, Apple have also tried talking to the government into allowing them to sell the refurbished iphones which will drastically bring down the price and will increase their market.

However, neither Apple nor government officials have released any statement regarding the setting up a new manufacturing plant. But Apple has got permission to set up retail stores in India. Currently, Foxconn is commissioned by Apple for manufacturing its iPhone in South Korea. India is one of the most emerging market for the mobile phone market and there is no doubt that Apple wants to make the best of it. If Apple gets the permission of setting up a manufacturing unit in India then it will not only bring down the product pricing but will surely increase its share in mobile phone market in India.

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