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Amazon Echo Review – A Speaker with an AI for the Masses

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Amazon a few days back announced a new Echo with Alexa home assistant integration. The home assistant is an AI (Artificial Itelligence) which will definitely attract the people who are interested in what AI is all about. Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker and voice command device launched by And comes with an AI named ‘Alexa’ it is also the word to which the device responds, this can be changed either to “Amazon” or “Echo“. The device is very intuitive, innovative, intelligent, and the best part is that it’s very responsive i.e., you don’t need to shout or say commands again and again for it to respond.

The Amzon Echo can perform multiple functions like voice interaction, streaming podcasts, playing music, setting up alarms, playing audiobooks (earlier only Amazon’s Kindle e-reader was capable of it), providing wether and traffic real time information. However, the best feature that we thought is that it can be used to control other smart devices in your home by using Amazon Echo as a home automation hub. It comes with an accompanying Alexa App, this app let you discover all the features of Echo.


The Amazon Echo  hasa very simple and elegant design for such an advanced tech decive and would brilliantly compliment any interior decor. The Echo is currently present in white or black. It has a cylindrical shaped body with a height of 235mm and a width of 84mm. The Amazon Echo weighs a total of 1064 grams. It has a reflex port enhancing the woofer underneath. On the top, you will find a rotating top that can be used to control the volume of the cylindrical speaker. There are blue LEDs installed which illuminates as the sound is increases or decreased. On the top, you will also find two buttons, the first buttons will let you switch between various actions and the second button will stop the microphone from picking up any external command.

Amazon ECHO Top Buttons

It was real simple to setup the Amazon Echo, all you need is to download the Alexa app from the iOS or Android play store and you are good to go. Just open the app and start giving the commands to Echo for the latest news, weather report, public podcasts, and more.

You can also use the Amazon Echo as a Home Automation Hub i.e., you can link your home smart devices to the Echo and command the device to be turned ON/OFF. Because of the AI the Alexa keeps learning more information about you as you use it, making the device even more friendly and easy to use. It brilliantly pick up the command with the help of multiple microphone installed under the light ring. The microphones work on a technology that Amazon describes as beam-forcing and enhanced noise cancellation.

The Amazon Echo is a wonderful device and is present at a very reasonable price of £129.99.

PS: This could be a great gift for your loved ones on this Christmas or New Year.

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